Welcome on Adventurous! I’m Dawid and this website is about my daily activities as engineer and geek. I’m going to write here mainly about electronics and programming. Main areas of interest is going to be digital electronics, bare metal embedded systems programming, as well as developing under RTOS or Linux in C programming language.

I myself was born in mid 80s and started my adventure with technology with Atari ST and later on Packard Bell PC with Windows 3.11. Next, I’ve graduated Electrical Engineering and currently working as Firmware Engineer in core area of low level programming. My favorite target microcontrollers are 8bit AVR or STM8 and 32bit ARM Cortex like STM32. As low level developer languages as C and assembler are my first choice. I find C++ also interesting, although pretty tough to learn. At my daily work I’m using one of Ubuntu flavors. Personally Kubuntu is my favorite. I’m strong supporter of code reviewing, as well as using VCS, static code analyzers, CI systems at daily basis.

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